Saturday, November 29, 2014

Adamawa PDP Governorship Ticket: The Desirability of Nuhu Ribadu

The general consensus in Adamawa state is, the state needs a paradigm shift in terms of development because the state is 20 years behind its peers in terms of socio-economic progress.

There is also bi-partisan and public consensus that Adamawa central zone should produce the next governor. And everyone also believes Adamawa needs a governor that is relatively young, incorruptible, well-read, and urbane, with a clean record.

Putting all these into consideration, Nuhu Ribadu is the perfect candidate to be the next governor of the state.

Nuhu is well-cultured, well-read and has integrity to jealously protect, so he will be well motivated to leapfrog Adamawa’s development to where it is supposed to be.

If the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) means business and committed to presenting to the Adamawa people a candidate that will appeal to all segments of the society politically and economical. A candidate that can earn the party ,the nation as well as the troubled northeast, ‘clean face’ in the international community, - Nuhu Ribadu is it.

Some individuals with dissenting views, question that though Nuhu is without doubt very good, must the PDP be the vehicle for him to be governor to rescue Adamawa? The answer is yes- because Nuhu’s immediate constituency- ward, local government area, senatorial zone, friends, peers and indeed Adamawa state and the northeast are overwhelmingly PDP, so naturally he should be in the PDP.

Nuhu is charismatic, urbane and with ‘clean hands’. He has a higher chance of winning the elections on the platform of PDP than any other political party. Nuhu’s superb qualities further give him and the PDP, an edge over every other candidate and party. In fact the PDP can leverage Nuhu’s candidacy to gain strong political points in the troubled northeast.

Zayyad I. Muhammad writes from Jimeta, Adamawa State,, 08036070980. 

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