Tuesday, January 17, 2017

UPDATE: Unpaid Salaries: Adamawa Teachers, LG and Health Workers Will Wait for Longtime

There are strong indications that Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow of Adamawa state is perfecting plans on how to utilize the funds from the Paris Club Debt Refund.

Adamawa state Government has on Sunday 8th January 2017 received from the federal government the sum of N4,894,877,111 as refund from the Paris Club Debt.

Sources have informed this blog that there are three ‘game plans’- Plan A, B and C.

The plan A which is already in the execution is, the Adamawa state government will hold on to the funds in a bank account for long period of time so as to generate good interest. If the government didn’t face any strong resistance from the labour unions or public scrutiny- the governor will go ahead and utilize the entire funds for other purposes, roads construction in particular, rather than utilize the bulk of the funds in the payment of the outstanding salaries for primary school teachers, local government and health workers including pension arrears. This plan, according to the sources, was hatched on the premise that, on many occasions, the government failed to fulfill its promises and it didn’t encounter strong public outcry or labour union strikes.

If plan A fails, plan B is to keep on promising the workers that their outstanding salaries will be settled until the general public forgets about it- the main purpose of setting up the 'committee' to supervise the payment of the salaries was merely to perfects plan B.

If the Plan A and B failed, plan C is to pay very few workers, while those wokers with any issue- BVN, irregular bank account number, NUBAN and minor administrative issues will not be paid.

Governor Bindow has continue to maintain that he will ensure payment of all outstanding salaries the Adamawa state government owes it workforce- especially primary school teachers, local government and health workers who have unpaid salaries running to several months. However, Many workers in Adamawa state are still skeptical that Mr. Bindow will fulfill his promise to pay the outstanding salaries as the Governor has on several occasions promise to pay the outstanding salaries but failed.

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  1. You should be one of their agents that are working for them to confuse people's mind so that no one would have any positive nor negative thought or saying for the ongoing non payment issues in Adamawa state. You stand as their PLAN "D" Lok...?!