Saturday, July 8, 2017

Between Jimeta Community and Gov Bindow

Jimeta is the complex; most cosmopolitan and has the highest number of electorates in all the eight federal and the twenty-three state constituencies in Adamawa state-. No one has ever won re-election or secured a second-term's approval from the constituency. The people of Jimeta are known for their insistence of a candidate getting re-election based on First- Term first-rate performance. Would Governor Muhammadu Jibrilla Bindow break the jinx? On 6th July 2017, some community leaders, masses and politicians from Jimeta visited Governor Bindow to convey Jimeta Community’s endorsement of him. Did the entire Jimeta community actually endorsed Gov Bindow performance; leadership style and the bid for a second term?

Politics apart, Bindow has constructed roads in Jimeta never seen before except during the reign of former governor Jonah David Jang. And, some sons of Jimeta are in Bindow’s government. Apart from these two aforementioned; anything else; the honest answer is no.

Are the masses of Jimeta enjoying Bindow’s government? On the street’s answer would be the best- it captures the true mood of the Jimetans.

Jimeta being a cosmopolitan is mostly composed of youths, civil servants and retirees. In fact, most of Jimeta’s youths are LG workers, teachers or jobless. But Bindow owes five months local government workers and teachers’ salaries including several month of pension arrears. Furthermore, the Bindow government has not put in place a feasible and sustainable youth empowerment or skill enhancement programmes or projects.

The truth is; the big challenge facing Gov Bindow is; the Jimeta masses are poorer under him. Though, the current recession in the economy is nation-wide. Bindow should have device a means to bring ease to local people. I was, and still is one of the critics of Gov Murtala Nyako style of governance, but his SAs and poverty alleviation programmes including local contracts projects despite their shortcoming, have really put money in the pockets of many masses in Jimeta. The Boni Haruna regime has also greatly uplifted the ‘economy’ of many Jimetans.

Yes, Bindow has reconstructed roads in Jimeta’s streets no one has ever thought will witness such transformation. But in every society, including the first world, development is multifaceted and flexible- Infrastructure; freeing people from the prison of poverty and politics are the key. A good politician must make impact in all the three areas, at least in the ratio of 60:20:20. As at toady, no one can mention two-three individuals from Jimeta who are getting local contracts from the Bindow’s government. Our Governor’s approach is skewed towards himself- ‘One Man; One Way Approach’.

In Jimeta’s real politics circle; one can say Bindow has only 2/10 on his side- the real backbone of the APC in Jimeta; the academics, the bureaucrats; opinion-molders; youth leaders; social media influencers are sidelined. One cannot discuss Jimeta politics without them and the most important- politics-veterans like Yusuf Dan’umma, Ibrahim Iliyasu, Mohammed Hassan Turaki, Mohammed Ibrahim Attah, Babangida Sabo, Usman Ibrahim and other young but influential politicians. Though, like him or hate him, Abdulrahman Abba Jimeta is a skilled political strategist, he’s worth his salt when it comes to understanding of Adamawa politics- he went through the mills. Any Governor will love to have him as his Chief of Staff. He is a 'board' for ideas and a fine political-thinker. Unfortunately, Abba Na Abba is playing 'lonely'. So, the July 6th visit is nothing but a cosmetic approach.

One salient issue that Gov Bindow failed to truly analyzed is, he has decamped from Nyako team to Atiku's side; yet the Atiku team have not been empowered. The Nyako  and Atiku teams' real players are actually not in the equation.

As 2019 approaches, I am one of those Jimetans who share the view that Mr. Bindow deserves a second term. But the truth is, Gov Bindow is extremely unpopular in many quarters in Jimeta- nevertheless it is correctable- Bindow is still the man to beat, because we are yet to see serious challengers with better alternatives and politicking-approach. Well, this is politics; there is still ample time for surprises. Someone better, reliable, urbane and tested and trusted may popup- he/she can bring dynamism in the polity as well as shake Bindow’s current ‘field day’.

Zayyad I. Muhammad Jimeta, Adamawa State, 08036070980.

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